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Our Services

The difference between failure and success is having the right team of talented and experienced Chemists behind you.

Let our team be the wind behind your sail and help you breeze through your milestones. Our team of experienced experts can help solve problems, create new innovative molecules, and get what you need done, done!

Discover how we can help you make Chemistry Easy!

Process Development

Do you have a promising new molecule you need to scale-up for tox and beyond? Or an existing inefficient process ready for optimization?

Experts at TC Scientific will develop fast, safe, efficient, and green processes in a clear and concise package that you can easily transfer to your CMO partners.

Process Development Focus

  • Reaction Condition Optimization
  • Recrystallization Optimization
  • Column Purification Substitution
  • Catalyst Reduction or Replacement
  • Heavy Metal Scavenger Screening

Medicinal Chemistry

Are you ready to take your drug discovery efforts to the next level? Our experiences in a wide range of therapeutic areas and chemistries allows us to solve problems quickly, and synthesize large number of leads quickly for screening.

Quality and Quantity

  • Lead Generation and Optimization
  • Propose new structures based on SAR
  • Synthesize and store your lead compounds
  • Express shipping for biological testing

IP Protection

Protecting our client's IP is our highest priority. We follow strict controls for our documentation and IT to prevent any leak of IP.

Custom Synthesis

Do you need difficult-to-source materials for your project on a tight timeline? We can help quickly scout, scale-up, and produce grams to kilograms of non-GMP material for you.

We develop routes and produce a wide range of materials

  • Intermediates and building blocks

  • Impurities

  • Reference compounds

  • Stable isotope-labelled products


Our chemists have experties in a wide range of chemistries

  • Heterocyclic chemistry

  • Air sensitive chemistry

  • Nucleoside chemistry

  • Carbohydrate chemistry

  • Chiral compound syntheses and separation

  • Special amino acid and peptide syntheses

  • Catalysis

  • and more!

Stable Isotope Chemistry

Do you need complex stable isotope-labelled compounds (15N, 13C, D) synthesized for PK and bioavailability studies?

TC Scientific has extensive experience with synthesis of SIL molecules with over 140 projects completed.

Our chemists effectively handle expensive deuterated chemistry to minimize SIL reagent use while maximizing yields

Analytical Development

Do you need to develop analytical tests for in-process controls, release testing, or developmental testing? Or do you need to troubleshoot resolution and reproducibility problems with your existing methods?

TC Scientific has extensive experience with method development for small molecules, from quantitative assay, impurity assay, limit tests, OVI testing, compendial testing. We have access to a wide array of analytical instrumentation for developing methods.


While our lab is currently non-GMP, we can develop and pre-validate your methods so that they can be easily validated at your CTL of choice.

Frequently asked questions

Are your services GMP?

We currently do not offer GMP services. However, this means we have lower over-head and much more flexibility when it comes to non-GMP chemical projects. This increase delivery speed, and we pass on the savings to you.

What are your service models?

We offer Fee-For-Service or Full-Time-Equivalent service models for our clients.

A little more explanation:

  • Fee-For-Service: Pay for the exact service you need, and we will execute your project and deliver exactly what you need.
    (Choose this model when you know exactly what you need for an exact project.)
  • Full-Time-Equivalent: You contract one or more of our chemists to work full time on your project.
    (Choose this model when you have a long term project and want to generate as much compounds as possible without having to issue a PO for each compound. Our medicinal chemistry projects typically use this model.)

How do you handle your client's IP

Your IP and work done on your behalf at TC Scientific will always be your IP. We don’t have any arrangement for IP transfer or sharing.

How do I track our project progress?

Progress updates can be presented anyway you wish. Typically we send out reports weekly or bi-weekly. We can also host weekly or bi-weekly update teleconferences.